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Please Remember Me

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Please Remember Me - Plot & Excerpts

Crawford General wasn’t the largest hospital in the area. The building had stood in the centre of town for over fifty years, serving the residents of Crawford. The pale blue paint on the walls, though clean, needed an update. The vending machines lining the far wall had seen better days. But none of that mattered. Crawford General had the best staff. Few hospitals could boast such an attentive group of doctors and nurses. He wasn’t fond of the place, only because a hospital visit meant questioning a banged-up victim or, worse, talking to a woman who had lived through spousal abuse. Like the animals at the shelter, the abuse victims reminded him that some people were blameless while others were plain evil. The women always had the same pleading look in their eyes. Help me.He glanced at the doors to the main hallway. A nurse pushed a man in a wheelchair past, but there was no sight of a doctor. Marlon turned his attention back to Jaden, who sat in a ball on one of the couches. Her eyes, puffy from crying, had lost their sparkle.

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