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PleasureGames: A Games Novella

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Jill Myles

PleasureGames: A Games Novella - Plot & Excerpts

Fuck all of it. I'm done. Do something with what you've got, because I'm fucking done." -- Heathcliff Forester, the Billionaire Bachelor, Episode 6 Interview Heathcliff's room was a million miles away from mine. least it felt like that. We raced down the hall, hand in hand, and made it to the elevator before we started kissing again. "Juno," he murmured between kisses, his hand hot on my bare back. "Juno. My Juno." I smiled and nuzzled my nose to his. "My H," I said softly, not caring that we were being sappy. "I'm so glad you're mine." "I'm so glad you didn't run." He leaned in and kissed the tip of my nose. "Though this time, I think I would have come after you." "I would have let you come after me," I said playfully. "After lots and lots of groveling." He leaned back and arched one of those sinful eyebrows at me. "Even though I did nothing wrong?" I ran a hand down the front of his shirt.

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