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Plunge (Alpha Athletes #1)

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Plunge (Alpha Athletes #1) - Plot & Excerpts

This was going to happen. I wanted Blaine Crews to drown out my shitty day. I wanted him to help me forget I had just lost my dream job. I wanted him to make everything fade to black, with nothing left but the two of us.
    His hands tangled in my hair, tugging slightly on the back of my head. I groaned when his mouth crashed against mine.
    Everything about him was electric and powerful. He knew what he wanted without hesitation and he didn’t waste time talking about it. He took exactly what he wanted.
    He spun me toward the door, shoving my back flat against the surface.
    “Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” His hands slid to my throat, moving slowly with controlled pressure as he slipped the straps off my camisole. They hung loosely off my shoulders.
    With a quick tug he yanked the front below my bra. His head dropped to kiss the skin brimming over the top of the lace.
    My head reeled back when his teeth nipped at the fabric, freeing my nipples.

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