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Plus One - Plot & Excerpts

Or maybe that was just the overwhelming erotic need she was putting out. Ian’s words in the car had done a number on her, and she still hadn’t recovered.
    The remainder of the trip had been one giant blur to her after Ian had basically told her he knew how to take charge in the bedroom, and that he preferred it that way. Of course, her mind had gone wild with his admission, coming up with dozens of scenarios where he could do just that to her. It was a wonder she’d been able to navigate them there in one piece.
    With a ding, the elevator doors opened, and Ian put his hand out to hold them as he gestured for her to go ahead. Mutely, she walked down the long corridor to room 1452, pulling her suitcase behind her as Ian followed. After swiping the key card, she pushed open the door and reached for a light switch, illuminating the small, immaculate space.
    The hotel room was lavish, all sophistication and modern lines.

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