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Ponygirl Tales (2011)

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Ponygirl Tales (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

D. would bury herself in her work, writing furiously for several days before emerging to present her newly-completed story to her male companion for his comments. One day, in the grip of the muse, D found herself writing about a naked girl who is made to pull a wheeled cart. Her companion read the piece and looked at her.
“D, he asked, “did you know you just wrote a ponygirl story?”
     “What’s a Pony-girl story?” she replied with perfect innocence.
Every writer of erotic fiction should try at least once to do a ponygirl story or two. Here are a few of mine.
Don Winslow, Copenhagen Ponygirls Tales OneHow to Turn on a PonygirlClaudine’s eyes flew wide open. Throwing back the covers, she bolted upright in the bed, and sat looking around her at the unfamiliar room, staring in wide-eyed confusion. Somewhat dazed, it took the girl a moment to realize: she was sitting in a strange bedroom -- completely naked! Her growing fears escalated wildly when she also realized that the room’s sole window was barred!

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