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Publicly Display Yourself for Me

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Aphrodite Hunt

Publicly Display Yourself For Me - Plot & Excerpts

Three because Max’s Porsche can only seat two. The twins are in their red Ferrari – the one belonging to Alex, or is it Brad? I can’t even tell their cars apart since they purchase duplicates of everything. Alice and her gang are in her yellow Mercedes.
My terrycloth robe is still wrapped around me, but I’m beginning to feel the stirrings of dread and anticipation. Outside, the vista of the sun shining upon the sea with its undulating and glistening waves belies the underlying danger of the day . . . and what it portends for me.
“You OK?” Max’s hand reaches for my hair.
I love it when he twirls my thick mahogany hair between his fingers. That gesture speaks of so much affection . . . even a kernel of the love I feel for him (but of which I am not sure he reciprocates). Oh, I have no doubt that Max is fond of me. But love? Can a man such as he actually love someone else in the romantic sense? A man who must be in control all the time, who must dominate and see his loved ones tethered and chained and subject to the whims of his forebears or those in authority.

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