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Read Pushed To The Limit (an Emma Cassidy Mystery Book 2)

Pushed to the Limit (an Emma Cassidy Mystery Book 2)

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Pushed To The Limit (an Emma Cassidy Mystery Book 2) - Plot & Excerpts

Emma bumped her head against the table as she scrambled around to see her interrogator. Her racing heartbeat slowed as she saw it was only Sherilee in her cop uniform.
“God damn it, Sherilee! You nearly gave me a heart attack!”
The police woman lifted one eyebrow.
“What’s made you so jumpy?”
“I—I heard someone out here. While I was in the kitchen.”
The other eyebrow went up too. “And what exactly are you doing inside Faye’s house?”
“Doing my neighborly duty,” Emma snapped. “Lorraine asked me to feed the parrot and pick up a few things for Faye.” She lifted the duffel bag. “She’s allergic to birds—Lorraine, that is—which is why she asked me.”
“I see.” Sherilee rested her hands on her hips. “And while you were inside you heard someone on the deck. Did you see who it was?”
“No.” She’d been so spooked she hadn’t been able to move, but no way was she going to admit that to Sherilee. “I called out, and whoever it was ran away. It happened so quickly I didn’t get a good look.”

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