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Redemption - Plot & Excerpts

He heard the patrons calling out greetings to her but she disappeared upstairs a few minutes after her arrival. He could feel William's gaze boring into him from across the table as he tapped Millie on the butt and urged her off of his lap. He'd succeeded in trying to appear as uncaring as possible but now he just wanted to get Millie away from him.
    "Thanks for being my good luck charm." He flashed a grin that he knew would disarm any exasperation from the woman and it didn't fail to do so now.
    "Anytime handsome," she said as she blew him a kiss.
    Jack watched her walk away but his thoughts were no longer on her. Anger still festered in his chest as he finally met William's gaze across the table. He hadn't told his friend anything about what had occurred at the donation center but William had been staring questioningly at him ever since he'd returned.
    It wasn't often he was in a bad mood but he'd still been seeing red when he'd stormed back into the tavern.

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