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Rosemary for the Holidays (Consulting Magic)

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Rosemary For The Holidays (Consulting Magic) - Plot & Excerpts

Albans made his sleepy way out of the bedroom he shared with his grumpy – and still asleep – lover, Alex Benedict, only to find their flat had been transformed overnight. Evergreen boughs were festooned above the mantel and around all the doorways, entwined with fairy lights and red velvet bows. Pomanders made of clove-studded oranges hung here and there, along with pinecones tied with more rich red ribbon. There was a centrepiece on the coffee table made of holly and ivy entwined around a glass-sheltered lantern with a thick red candle burning in the middle.
    "Wow," said Julian, stepping out and looking all around. Paper snowflakes as fine as lace were strung along the walls, and there was a sprig of lucky mistletoe nestled in among the pine branches above the front door. Everywhere he looked, Julian saw some new celebration of the season. "So, you guys really like Solstice, then?" A tinkling laugh came from the kitchen, and then Alys strolled out with a tray bobbing along behind her.

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