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Ruined by the Pirate (2014)

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Ruined By The Pirate (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

She allowed no man to take her captive—not even if his boat rivaled the one her father owned. The fool. She tried the door handle and when it turned, she snorted. Apparently he wasn’t much of a pirate if he’d given her a way to escape. She glanced up and down the open corridor then hurried away from the cabin. There had to be a means to leave the boat—even a lifeboat would be better than a stolen luxury yacht.
Voices ahead made her pause. Was he coming back? She grabbed the handle of the nearest door and pushed. The door gave and she ducked into the room.
“Now isn’t that a sight. I told Cap we needed a little entertainment on this boat.”
Sarah faced the door and the deep male voice rooted her to the spot. She hesitated to turn around, in fear of who she might find. The stench of body odor and human waste curled around her. The outside of the boat might have looked fancy, but someone had managed to destroy the inside.
“Come on now, girl. Twirl around and let’s have a look at ya,”

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