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SEAL the Deal

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SEAL The Deal - Plot & Excerpts

Lacey muttered, walking arm-in-arm with Mick down Main Street with a quickly depleting chunk of fudge in her hand.
Mick grinned. “You say that every time your mom calls.”
“You’re right. I never learn.”
“So, what subtly insulting things did she say this time?”
 Mouth watering, Lacey devoured another bite of the fudge. “Just that Vi decided to do a destination wedding in Palm Beach at some five-star resort, and mom offered to pay for my trip because she knows my life is a financial disaster.”
“And you’re upset about this? Hell, I’d be packing my bags.”
“Well, you can go in my place. All we need is to find a maid of honor dress that would fit you. Or would the Navy frown on that?”
“Hey, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ you know?”
Mick winked.
Lacey laughed, stopping in front of a store window sparkling with jewels and staring emptily at the display. “There’s no way I’m taking their money. I can’t even imagine all the remarks I’d have to survive from them if I did.”

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