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Shadowgod (2014)

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Shadowgod (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

—Calabos, The Black Shrine, ch2, iii The next morning, Medwin appeared at Gilly's door to offer advice as to his choice of clothing.
“Golwyth is taking us up to the High House of Keels to meet senior members of the Council of Moons, “ he said. “Now, bear in mind that it is a place with a long history and thus has rigid views on the propriety of dress.” “You mean they're antiquated traditionalists obsessed with absurdities.” Medwin winced. “I mean that observing such customs would be a minor concession to the vital business we must conduct here.”
Gilly was wearing a long shirt and baggy trews as he lay sprawled in his small room's cramped boxbed. He sighed theatrically.
“And these customs are?”
“Sober and dignified garments with the minimum of adornments; sturdy and unembellished footwear - ”
“And I was so looking forward to wearing my jewelled mountain clogs.”
“ - no cloaks or capacious gowns and no head coverings,” Medwin went on, glaring. “Sigils of the Earthmother or Fathertree are permitted, so long as they are Dalbari depictions.

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