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Simply the Best

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Simply The Best - Plot & Excerpts

She’d made him happy and giving him what he needed in bed was so much fun. Better than her wildest dreams.
“Don’t you dare get comfy.” Sam grinned down at her. “I’m making you feel good.” He grabbed the hem of the negligee and whipped it up over her head. The cool air kissed her dewy skin. She shivered and sighed.
“You are so sexy.” He knelt between her legs. “I want to taste every inch of you.” Sam crouched over her and palmed her boobs. He rolled her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs.
The burn singed her to her core. She arched her back. “Sam.”
“Mine.” He buried his face in her ample cleavage, licking and sucking her nipples—one then the other—until she cried out. The flutters in her belly came back and churned up. Her skin prickled and she could’ve sworn the temperature in the room spiked. The love in her heart built for him. She moaned.
“Want my mouth on that pussy?” he asked against her breast.
“Yeah.” She rubbed his scalp. The more she touched his bare skin, the more she loved the way he felt.

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