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Soul Fire

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Soul Fire - Plot & Excerpts

Is that seriously what Sahara said to you?’ I’m beginning to regret telling Cara about my weekend visitors. She’s taking a slightly unhealthy interest.
    ‘She meant it, Cara. OK, so she’s intense. But she was very sincere.’ ‘Sincerely freaky, more like. What about Adrian?’ Something in the way she says his name makes me look up from my sandwich. ‘How do you know Ade?’ Her cheeks colour. ‘Um. From the funeral.’ ‘Bloody hell, Cara.’ The other girls in the common room look at me. I don’t care.
    ‘Sorry, Alice. Was that, like, completely inappropriate?’ ‘No, no. I suppose I’m just surprised. I didn’t even know you’d met him.’ She pulls a face. ‘It was the last thing on my mind that day, obviously. But sometimes even if you’re not looking, you can’t help but feel a connection with someone. You can’t explain it, it just happens.’ Like with Danny. I wasn’t exactly on the pull the first time I saw Meggie’s friends on the Beach, but I felt a connection with Danny all the same.

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