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Soul Magic

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Soul Magic - Plot & Excerpts

“The lady?”  He had to mean Rowena, Darrick’s mother.
    “Yes.  The bad man told me he would hurt her.”  Caradoc’s ancient-childish eyes went round.  “She is nice and is my friend.  She looked after me until Morfran took her with him.  Gorsedd said `twould be all my fault if he killed her.”
    “How would he know?”
    Caradoc’s lower lip trembled.  “Whenever I use my magic, Gorsedd can sense it.  He says it takes away from his own strength.  When I forget, sometimes he makes his displeasure known.”
    Filing away the information for future use, Geoffrey took a deep breath.  Never before had he been first to arrive, ahead of Darrick and the others, but he knew any knowledge of the enemy he could gather in advance would help.
    “Is Morfran here?”
    “Here?”  Arms out, Caradoc turned in a slow circle.  “Not here.  But he is on the big island with Gorsedd.”

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