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Spearfield's Daughter (2013)

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Spearfield's Daughter (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

She had joined the Courier on the day Richard Nixon left the White House; she became associate editor of the paper on the day that Jimmy Carter was given the Democratic nomination for President. She did not go up to Madison Square Garden to cover the convention, though she would dearly have loved to; but she knew that Jake Lintas’s and the Courier’s sympathies were Republican and she did not want to get off on the wrong foot by showing where her own political sympathies might lie. She was not sure where they did lie because she believed that only by being apolitical could a newspaperman or woman be truly objective.
“You weren’t objective when you worked for the Examiner? Jack said.
“I was a columnist then, not an editor. I don’t want to be a biased one.”
“A biased editor is one who’s blind in one eye, Quentin used to say. An objective editor is one who’s blind in both. Keep both eyes open, be biased if you believe in something, and you can’t go wrong.”
The day after Cleo took over as associate editor, Alain resigned.

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