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Syphon: Guardians of the Fractured Realms

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Syphon: Guardians Of The Fractured Realms - Plot & Excerpts

Doubling up on the socks let the boots fit better as well. Thankfully, nobody had asked him about the strange jewelry he had on his left arm. Trying to explain why he had it while being homeless would have lead to his amnesia problem, a problem that might expose his desire to hide from the police while he tried figuring out what what going on and who he was.
Up ahead, he could make out the sentinel statues Carl had told him to look for at the top step of the library. He stomach was still feeling distended from breakfast, yet he was still hungry. He couldn’t figure out what his body was craving even after the huge amount of food he’d eaten earlier.
As he approached the steps, a weird feeling, almost like ants crawling across his skin, played across the back of his neck. After a few seconds, the sensation went away, but not before he realized it had slowly shifted, like it was coming from a specific direction or object that was moving. It had only lasted a few seconds, only long enough to determined the general direction the sensation had come from.

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