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The Evil B.B. Chow & Other Stories

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The Evil B.B. Chow & Other Stories - Plot & Excerpts

Chow and Other Stories A HAPPY DREAM HENRY WAS OUT in front of the Brattle waiting for his sister, Marla, who was late, on the verge of standing him up actually, when he saw a woman zip across the street on a ten-speed bike. This was crazy. It was early February, the roads were still layered with dirty snow. The woman bonked into a parking meter, locked the bike, pulled her hat off, and there was her hair, a cascade of the stuff. She looked around briskly and made straight for Henry.
    “You must be Michael,” she said. “I’m Kate.”
    This was a pretty woman. Not beautiful. Not gorgeous. But then, Henry was all done with gorgeous. He’d just been dumped by a gorgeous woman. Or, well, a year ago he’d been dumped. And anyway, this woman, this pretty Kate, with her hair and her big, lovely nose, she was looking into his eyes expectantly and he didn’t even want to see Marla, that was the truth, with her terrible social worker pity face and her cheery advice, You need to get out there more, give yourself a chance, blah-blah-blah.

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