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The Late Starters Orchestra

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The Late Starters Orchestra - Plot & Excerpts

—SAMUEL JOHNSON After my season with the kids at the Morningside Orchestra, I wrote a feature article for my old newspaper about playing music with Judah called BIG CELLO, LITTLE CELLO. Underneath the title ran this momentous line: “For months, he watched his young son play. Then he took a seat beside him.” With that, the invitations started to pour in. I heard from numerous orchestras in New York—and around the country—inviting me to join.
    This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, Mr. J exhorted. Seize it!
    I remembered that after his retreat from the limelight, Mr. J conducted community orchestras, one at the Music Conservatory of Westchester and the other at the Armonk Village School of Music. The musical world is much bigger than the philharmonics. Seize it!
    Most of the orchestras that got in touch with me after the article appeared seemed out of my reach, some because of geography and others because of the skill level required, but one, the New York Late-Starters String Orchestra, seemed plausible.

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