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The Life of Thomas More (2012)

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The Life Of Thomas More (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

One of its members was congenitally restless, however, and in the spring of 1511 Erasmus travelled to Paris in order to arrange the publication of Moriae encomium. He was on occasions also absent-minded and eventually recalled that he had left some books, borrowed from John Colet, in his ‘cubiculum’ or study in Bucklersbury. So he quickly wrote to another scholar living with the More family, Andrew Ammonius. Ammonius was an Italian, who earned his living first as Latin secretary to Lord Mountjoy and then to the king. He and the Dutchman traded complaints about English houses and English manners; they grumbled about draughts, bad wine and offensive smells. But they had not refused More’s hospitality, and now Erasmus asked Ammonius to remind their host that the books had to be returned to their owner. It is a measure of More’s own relation to the household that Erasmus did not write to him directly: he knew that he was too busy.
In reply to this letter from his colleague and companion, Ammonius sent the greetings of More and his household to Erasmus.

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