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Read The War Of The Supers (The First Superhero Book 3)

The War of the Supers (The First Superhero Book 3)

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The War Of The Supers (The First Superhero Book 3) - Plot & Excerpts

That was when Clarissa and her soldiers would begin their attack. We were supposed to wait until 6:35 before we made our move, just to make sure that as many soldiers as possible had moved away from the Carlton. We didn’t want to wait too long, though, because Clarissa’s soldiers wouldn’t last very long against the force and numbers of Raven’s men.“You got enough ammo?” Selena asked.I tapped the pocket in my vest that held a couple of magazines. “Yeah, I’ve got plenty. You?”“I think so. Hopefully I won’t have to use much of it.”“That’s the truth.” I pulled out the pistol from its holster on my side and checked to make sure it was ready to go. I clicked the safety off, so it’d be ready when I needed it.Selena peeked past the side of the wall, looking towards the camp. We had taken up a post in an alley adjacent to the tower, watching and waiting for Clarissa’s attack to begin.Explosions rang out, and Selena jumped back. “Shit! I wasn’t expecting that.”I looked down at my watch.

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