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Tying One On (2014)

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Tying One On (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

The rhythm of the horses’ hooves on the packed dirt lulled her. She appreciated Steve and Ronan’s kindness. She wasn’t sure her wobbly legs could’ve supported her long enough to get her onto Melody’s saddle. She pressed her cheek against Steve’s shoulder blade. The strength in his body reassured her, but still something wasn’t right.
The boys liked her because she didn’t intrude on their sexual relationship—or at least she hadn’t until now. When she’d introduced Steve and Ronan, she swore she wouldn’t put her heart on the line or play the jealous role. She’d be the best friend they needed. The whole time she’d been lying to herself. The romantic relationships with each of them weren’t going to happen, but her heart was very much involved. She’d never fallen out of love with either of them—Steve or Ronan.
Tears pricked behind her eyes. They wanted to make her their third, but for how long? She wanted longer than a simple night, but who the hell was she to want something she couldn’t have?

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