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Read Unbearable (the TORQUED Trilogy Book 2)

Unbearable (the TORQUED trilogy Book 2)

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Unbearable (the TORQUED Trilogy Book 2) - Plot & Excerpts

Monday morning, I’m rushing around his apartment trying to find my clothes when I see him at the kitchen table working on his carburetor he has torn apart.
He watches me pulling my jeans on. His eyes regard me with a steady intensity, my face his focus.
Once I have my jeans on, I make my way over to him. There’s a cup of coffee next to the carburetor, almost gone. He gives a nod to the counter. “I made some for you.”
“That’s nice of you.”
His eyelids are low and dark, slow smiles and burning blue. “Thought you could use some. We were up pretty late.” He gives me a once over and twists in the chair, turning to face me with his hands on my hips as I stand in front of him.
Moving my hands to his broad shoulders, I laugh, feeling bare to the world, and especially him when he looks at me like this, but also incredibly alive.
He forces me to straddle his lap on the chair, which isn’t forcing because I’ll gladly straddle him. Licking his lips, he gazes up at me like he’s about to speak.

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