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Read Vampire's Day (Book 2): Zero Model

Vampire's Day (Book 2): Zero Model

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Vampire's Day (Book 2): Zero Model - Plot & Excerpts

Boris   “There is a load of smoke!”
    “Where is it, in the city?”
    “Yes, I think it’s at the port.”
    “There are two more helicopters flying.”
    Boris listened to the engineers and workers, idly looking at the tall column of black smoke rising above the city. Let it burn, you never know what can happen, especially in the harbor. It didn’t interest him. But helicopters proceeding from the US military base to the city, port and fire - that was much more interesting. Why did they fly there, did they think they could extinguish the fire using machine guns and rockets? He didn’t think so. He listened, trying to distinguish gunshots or explosions, but it was too far away, and he could hear nothing. Well, to hell with it, let them fly. Soon he wasn’t thinking about the fire, and then completely forgot it had happened.
    Boris thought about heading back home – this prolonged business trip was coming to an end, and soon he would leave this obscure town, sit on an airplane and start the long journey to his homeland, as soon as Natasha had finished her business here.

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