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When You're With Me

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When You're With Me - Plot & Excerpts

Jude grabbed his hand. “Why don’t we go for a walk?”
“A walk? Now?” Ramon furrowed his brow and looked at her. They’d been back at the apartment for only a few hours, but he couldn’t seem to get the antsy feeling out of his system. His police issue phone buzzed in his pocket again. Damn. Wallace wanted him to move, to get the goods on Balthazar. She was too close to the fire. “Where did you want to go?”
“I know how to get up onto the roof.” Jude grabbed his hand. “It’s private and a good reason to get some fresh air.”
Within minutes, they stood beside the fire door and stared at the skyline. Light cascaded around her shoulders. Ramon led her to the edge of the roof to sit along the wall. Instead, she straddled his lap like she might at the club. It wasn’t a matter of intimacy, but more to pin him down…and he liked it. Blood rushed straight to his groin, but Jude didn’t seem interested in sex. She acted like she needed to talk.
“You do realise someone could come up here, or, worse, lock us up here.”

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