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Your Room or Mine?

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Your Room Or Mine? - Plot & Excerpts

CHAPTER TEN Izzy shifted from foot to foot, waiting on the delivery of a load of gravel to rake over the newly-laid paving. So it turned out Shauna had been right all along. A no-strings fling could only work if it was anonymous. Throw yourself into work, Izzy, that’s right. Always worked before. Parents a nightmare? Chuck yourself into work, the more hours the better. Boyfriend is a serial one-night-stander when he’s supposedly working towards your future? No worries, take on some extra contracts. See if you can’t work seven days a week. Oops, your own no-strings fling starts to corrupt your work ethic? No problem, get back to work and keep your eye on the prize. Once she’d worked out what the prize was now, of course. Not a deposit on a house and a family with Joe. Not anymore. And not to have as good and inhibited a time as you can with Oliver. Just what the hell did she want? She didn’t know. All she knew was she was totally and consumingly miserable. And for the first time ever, work simply wasn’t cutting the mustard as a distraction.

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