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Beverley Hollowed
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No Second Chances (2013)

Needs editing....! Ugh! I don't know what is more maddening, the misspelled words or the repetitive paragraphs! It's irritating to read a paragraph then the next one says the same thing you just read but worded differently. I got it the first time! Storyline was okay but never really felt a conne...

No Second Chances (2013) by Beverley Hollowed

How Many Chances (2013)

**** DOUBLE REVIEW ****~Laura~ 5*****At last the 2nd book has finally arrived and I wasn’t disappointed. *Swoon* Cole Thomas is back and sexier as ever!After having her heart broken by Cole in the 1st book, Ally is trying to build her life back together but every waking moment is spent thinking a...

How Many Chances (2013) by Beverley Hollowed

A Stolen Heart (2013)

at the start i was a bit miffed because the was use errors eg spelling... but then i just thought ok let me continue ad i have to say the heroine probably had the most horrible if ot excruciating period of time during this book. i will freely admit that i had a headache of non stop crying from re...

A Stolen Heart (2013) by Beverley Hollowed

Forever and Always

It was almost midnight when Sam suggested they heat up the food he had brought back earlier that evening. Sam put his jeans on and Melanie just pulled on her dressing gown.     They sat on the rug on the living room floor and watched some TV while they ate their food. Melanie ...

Forever and Always by Beverley Hollowed

Beautifully Unfinished

She wanted to make things right with Tucker, but she wasn’t sure he would want to make things right with her. He had made no attempt to contact her after their disagreement earlier that evening, and this made Lucy feel uncertain.     She looked up at Tucker’s house and longed ...

Beautifully Unfinished by Beverley Hollowed

Somewhere Only We Know

She moved slowly and groaned loudly. She was stiff from falling asleep on the hard, wooden floor of her hallway.     “Kate,” Finn’s voice came through the door, startling her. She couldn’t believe he was still outside her front door. She had no idea how long she had been aslee...

Somewhere Only We Know by Beverley Hollowed

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