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A Stolen Heart (2013)

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Titan InKorp

A Stolen Heart (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

at the start i was a bit miffed because the was use errors eg spelling... but then i just thought ok let me continue ad i have to say the heroine probably had the most horrible if ot excruciating period of time during this book. i will freely admit that i had a headache of non stop crying from reading this story.first her husbad dies on the day she discovers shes pregnant. then a couple months later her daughter gets a mysterious virus that could kill her. the heroine discovers something and confronts that person and the next time she heres that person is also passed away.hectic to say the least.too much drama but if you looking for a saddddd story with a happy ending then this is it Beautiful Story.This was a great story, I loved Zach and Emma, and he clearly thought the world of her. We didn't get to know Jonathan, and I'm sure he was a nice man, who did love Emma, but even before they married he let her down!So a conniving b%%%h decided that she would assist in breaking them up, I was really shocked to find her accomplice was Emma's father. I like Emma thought it was Jack.I loved Helen she was a lovely lady, loved her family. I loved the girls nights out, at karaoke they sounded like they had a ball.I thought Emma was wrong to tell Zach about Mia, but she really didn't know where he was, Mia was a cute little girl, who had two lovely daddiesEmma spent most of her life living a lie, and lie's always come and bite you in the bum! I was really pleased Emma's life finally turned around, such a shame about Jonathan, but things happen for a reason.It was a heart felt story, with twists and turns that kept you turning the pages, and so happy that Zach and Emma go it their happy ever after, so deserved.

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A Stolen Heart
—Sahib al-Shaikh

Not sure why but this booked and I just didn't click. I will try to read again later.

DNF 10% ish. I must have got the duff copy that needed a damn good edit!

Beverley does it again fantastic book

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