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How Many Chances (2013)

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How Many Chances (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

**** DOUBLE REVIEW ****~Laura~ 5*****At last the 2nd book has finally arrived and I wasn’t disappointed. *Swoon* Cole Thomas is back and sexier as ever!After having her heart broken by Cole in the 1st book, Ally is trying to build her life back together but every waking moment is spent thinking about Cole and Vice Versa. Cole will stop at nothing to make Ally trust and believe in him again. Will Ally & Cole get through the tough times and show everyone they are meant to be together or will Cole break her heart again?This is a definite must read and if you haven’t read the first book yet then hurry up because you are going to love Cole Thomas very very much!~Nicola~ 4****Ohh it’s good to have you back in my life Cole, even though trouble seems to follow you! And book 2 defiantly doesn’t disappoint, that’s for sure. By now you should all be familiar with Cole and Ally’s story, whirl wind romance with ex’s galore that are totally screwed in the head!Bev is back and on great form with the second Cole bloody Thomas book. I’m getting used to her style of writing and I love it! The story is very easy to follow even with its fast pace and I adore the characters. There are a few *gasp!* moments that had my other half asking “Oh, what?” The book had me gripped the whole time and I finished it in a day! As for the ending I would have gone with cliff hanger……. But I’m mean like that lol. Great book a once again Bev, cant wait for the next one so finger out lady *** This book was given free for an honest review*** "If life didn't scare us, how boring would life be? We need the fear to remind us, we are still alive."How Many Chances by Beverley Hollowed is the amazing second installment in the Chances Series. I absolutely love this series, and I love these characters. How Many Chances was a story with so much heart and so much beauty you can't help but crave more. Beverley Hollowed left us hanging in the first book No Second Chances, but she made up for it with this one that's for sure."You are my life. You are the air I breathe. I need you with me every day, just to make this world a more bearable place. I love you so much, Ally."So many emotions in this story, good and bad. At the very beginning of this book, I was reminded how these characters left us breathless, and I remember how attached I got to Cole and Ally. With tears already forming in my eyes, I journeyed on already thinking that this story was going to take me for an emotional ride. And that's EXACTLY what it did. No need to sugar coat this, the author brings up some real issues that could happen to any one of us in our relationships. When a reader can relate to the characters in the book, it just makes the story that much better, and I definitely felt that with not only How Many Chances but with the series as a whole. How Many Chances is an incredibly beautiful, touching love story full of passion, hardships, and desire. This is a must read, because I believe that you will fall in love with Cole and Ally just like I have.*ARC provided by the author

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Three words COLE BLOODY THOMAS hot ok maybe that was four lol awesome.

I love me some Ally and Cole! review up tomorrow on my blog

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