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No Second Chances (2013)

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Titan InKorp

No Second Chances (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

Needs editing....! Ugh! I don't know what is more maddening, the misspelled words or the repetitive paragraphs! It's irritating to read a paragraph then the next one says the same thing you just read but worded differently. I got it the first time! Storyline was okay but never really felt a connection between the main characters. No depth to the characters. Loved the cover...just wish someone would have taken the time to read this and fix what needs to be fixed! This is a good story and would have been a 4-star read for me if not for the multitude of errors. Incorrect and missing words, gross misspellings and terrible grammar plague an otherwise really good story. I don't usually care about a few errors so you know if it is bad enough for me to take notice and complain about it then it is BAD. It's a shame too because I genuinely liked the plot and cared about the characters. Now I'm left trying to decide if the cliffhanger at the end is enough to make me continue with the series or abandon it in favor of a better edited novel.

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A good read, enjoyed the characters & the story. I will probably pick up book 2 @ a later date.

poor Ally - heartbreak after heartbreak. cliffhanger ending. can't wait to start book 2.

Great book-cannot wait for next one in series!

I can't read for the second one!


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