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Dating Dr Notorious (2011)

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Dating Dr Notorious (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

Lauren had been right about Ben Kaiser being a nice man. A nice man, Regina had learned, didn’t ravish a woman in bed and then just never call.
A nice woman, Regina had concluded, would have been grateful for such common courtesy. Unfortunately, Dr. Regina Logan was not often a nice woman. She might have been a nice woman once, but it had been too long ago for her to remember what it had been like.
As the week wore on, Regina found herself growing more and more frustrated as she worried about the attraction between her and Ben. If they were seen together, there would be public hell to pay. If they didn’t see each other, then what would happen? The thought of never being with Ben again almost made her ill.
Because of her churning emotions, she was hardly sleeping or eating. Normally, she could blame mood swings on her peri-menopausal symptoms or her insomnia, but not this time. She hadn’t even had a hot flash since Ben had kissed her at the country club fundraiser.
This time it was all about the man.

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