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Dating a Cougar (2000)

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Dating A Cougar (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

I thought this was chick lit for the more mature women. It wasn't. It was porn for women. Nothing wrong with it; but I found it immensely boring. That's why it has been such a gap since I last read a book, I struggled to finish this one. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sex, but I rather feel it than read about it. I mean how many different ways can you describe an act? *Yawn* If someone is interested in erotica for the middle-aged women, go ahead. I am not gonna touch her books again, they "do my head in" ;) [It is like reading about all kinds of goodies you could eat... chocolate is lovely, but only when you get to eat it, not to read a description of the taste.... over and over again, get it? ;) ] I needed a change from New Adult Romance and this was the pick -- a 50-year-young, established, independent, in-her-prime woman! Add a little bit of eye-candy with a very healthy sex drive and the story is just the ticket.The story was good -- the characters all likable, to story line straight forward, nothing distasteful in dialogue, premise and outcome -- easy! Unfortunately, I found that the narrator was not good! She was a distraction in that she was overly breathy in the dialogue of the female characters and she over emphasizes the enunciation of single and double "t" to distraction. I know this may sound petty, odd and particular, but if it weren't for the story itself and for the fact that I bought this audio book rather than received it in exchange for a review, I would have stopped listening. There are far too many good books to read and to listen to that spending time on with a book read by a distracting reader feels like a misuse of precious time. The heroine is 50, but the narrator gives her a country club snobbish voice which doesn't fit with the character written. The narrator makes every character sound as if they are catching their breath, even when they haven't just enjoyed a breathless activity. It may be that the reader is attempting to put polish and success in the voices of the females, as all of them are successful in one respect or another, but none are hoity toity and that is what I hear.If you're interested in a humorous May-December romance with a feisty successful heroine and eye-candy, insatiable hero, you'll do well to consider reading this book. If you are interested in a humorous May-December romance with a feisty successful heroine and eye-candy insatiable hero to listen to, skip this audio book -- or borrow from the library for a listening without paying for the opportunity.

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It was okay but I agree with some other reviewers that the guy used "be in you" waaay too much!

a steamy beach book....Delish

Not a bad read.


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