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Elizabeth Lapthorne
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Scent of Passion (2004)

Rutledge Werewolves - Scent of Passion By Elizabeth Lapthorne Book 1 in the Rutledge Werewolves seriesSophie Briggs threw caution to the wind for one night, and found herself six weeks later staring at a scary line on her positive home pregnancy test. Now the biggest problem she has to face is wh...

Scent of Passion (2004) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

SeductiveTracks (2013)

Matt rolled the thought over and over in his head, curious, intrigued, mystified and, deep in the most hidden part of his soul, beguiled despite himself. He had never experienced anything like this, and the challenge of it tempted him to see if he could beat it. He wanted to know if he could Trac...

SeductiveTracks (2013) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

StrategicSurrender (2014)

Groggy and still half asleep, she automatically reached a hand out to where her alarm clock should have been and felt around to turn it off. “Mmpft,” a deep, masculine voice sounded from next to her as she brushed a lock of silky hair that was not hers. Her eyes flew open and Kiera jerked back, s...

StrategicSurrender (2014) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Unearthed Treasure (2013)

She felt, rather than saw, David’s gaze upon her. “Bloody stitches,” she complained. Tiredness lapped at her. In truth, she was secretly grateful they wouldn’t need to do any chasing or following tonight. Her energy reserves were depleted. David closed his hand around hers...

Unearthed Treasure (2013) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Twin Temptations

“Mom, if you don’t get out of here and let me be, I swear to heaven I will not be responsible for my actions.”     “For a blushing bride, you sure are cranky, darling,” her mother said cheerily, still fussing with Sam’s long curly hair.     While Bella had ...

Twin Temptations by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Melbourne Heat (2015)

Spencer said with a chuckle. He took a long gulp from his bottle of beer and grinned. Charles looked up from the pasta sauce he was stirring and raised his eyebrows expectantly. “Oh yeah? This sounds good. Tell.” “Well, there’s been this courier popping in for a couple of weeks. Malcolm,” Spencer...

Melbourne Heat (2015) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

HardJustice (2015)

She had a high sex drive when attracted to a man, without doubt. But it was a new concept to be unable to keep her hands off her partner. She fumbled with her key in the door. Ben’s chest pressed against her back, his hard cock arching up into the curve of her ass. She didn’t even consciously mov...

HardJustice (2015) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Hard Case (2015)

Steven insisted for what felt like the dozenth time. “The doctor said you’ll be off solids for a fortnight,” Troy replied, unimpressed. “Everyone knows doctors over-state these things,” Steve argued. “It’s in case something goes wrong, so their arse is covered. Trust me. Nothing will slow my reco...

Hard Case (2015) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Desperate and Dateless

He had been so deeply inside Vicci, both mentally as well as physically, he hadn’t known exactly where he ended and she began. It had been the most erotic, perfect moment of his existence. Gently, he healed his marks and began to thrust seductively within her. He could feel his cock brush against...

Desperate and Dateless by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Enforcer Ensnared

Nighttime shadows crept over the city street, leaving more than enough places for the team to comfortably wait and hide within. Julian and Matthias watched over the team members who were down on the ground. They held a perfect vantage point three stories above the others in a room with a window t...

Enforcer Ensnared by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Passionate Immunity (2012)

It was more from the memory of the pain he’d been in for almost two months, rather than the actual stiffness he felt now. The gunshot wound, still fresh in his mind, had healed as much as it ever would. Only the week before he had been confident the worst of his discomfort was behind him. B...

Passionate Immunity (2012) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Molten Gold

It now held a multi-pack of ladies’ cotton panties, another bra and a triple-pair pack of socks. She’d found some T-shirts and lightweight slacks on special and added those too, unsure how long it would be until she could duck home and pack a proper bag. She’d also found a cheap pair of sneakers....

Molten Gold by Elizabeth Lapthorne

TrackingDesire (2013)

Large, warm hands cupped her breasts, rolling her erect nipple gently between two nimble fingers. She moaned her pleasure and approval, wriggling her ass and discovering an impressive, hard erection behind her. Now this was heaven! Wickedly sensual fingers toyed with her and slowly Liv’s eyes beg...

TrackingDesire (2013) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Icy Control (2014)

El called from across the room. Sally could hear the surprise in the redhead’s tone and it made her grin. When Rob paused, Sally did too. She loved how he pressed his hand on her shoulder. He was watching El, clearly curious about what she had to tell him, but his light touch indicated for her to...

Icy Control (2014) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Burning Intensity (2014)

Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you.” Beep. “Rob, it’s El. Just a heads up for you—Louise Calloway is likely headed into HQ to check on her brother. Neither James nor I think she’s involved in this, though I do believe she knows more than she’s told us about the work he does in ...

Burning Intensity (2014) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

My Heart's Passion

She was the perfect height for him, five-eight to his six-four, slim but curvy in all the required places. Not for the first time today, he wondered if it was genius or self-inflicted torture playing this game of cat and mouse with her.He had never found himself particularly confused when contemp...

My Heart's Passion by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Hide and Seek

Dammit, Samuel, we’ve been searching for months! I thought you were this hot-shot private eye?”William Rutledge paced the length of the comfortable inner-city office his younger brother, Samuel, used as his base for his private investigations firm. Running an agitated hand through his long, dark ...

Hide and Seek by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Wicked Teacher (2012)

He surveyed her with a weighted, considering gaze. She was still on her knees, visibly swaying from the intensity of having her throat fucked raw. He sat on the seat she had occupied earlier. Aiden wanted to give her a moment to catch her breath, possibly even mentally assimilate the change in th...

Wicked Teacher (2012) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

The Mating Game

I swear if you don’t stop pacing I’m gonna have to get up and pound you! You’re giving me a headache.”Dominic ignored his brother and continued to pace in front of the huge windows overlooking the large house’s backyard. The kids were all playing a mixture of Chase, and Hide and Seek, depending o...

The Mating Game by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Heart Shot (2015)

She pounded the soles of her sneakers on the hard ground and focused her brown eyes with laser-like precision ahead of her. Sweat beaded and ran down her face, also trickling down the indentation of her spine. Her ponytail swished in time to the movement of her body. Strands of hair grazed her ne...

Heart Shot (2015) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Courting Passion (2012)

Tennent had a bullet in his shoulder so, with his wrists cuffed, there appeared to be no fight left in him. Dixon—currently unconscious—was similarly restrained but posed even less trouble. With both men secure, Garth watched as Jack Berwick assisted Victor into the other car. Victor,...

Courting Passion (2012) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Flirting with Danger (2012)

She’d known this to some level from her very youngest days—though it wasn’t until her late twenties that she understood the true nature of his work. Her only knowledge while growing up was that her daddy’s work was ‘important’. She couldn’t count the numb...

Flirting with Danger (2012) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Intimate Knowledge (2013)

High-soaring ceilings, the dome, intricately carved cornices—the whole place was stunning. She and Saul had spent almost two hours roaming around, appearing as nothing more than innocent locals whiling away a late Sunday morning. Hand in hand, their fingers entwined, they looked…well, exact...

Intimate Knowledge (2013) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Chasing Love

He had always known he couldn’t sleep with Christiana while they were at her parents’ place. But somehow it all seemed that much harder now that he knew how this True Mate business worked and he had Artemais’ permission to be with her.He instinctively tried to roll over and found his arms bound b...

Chasing Love by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Rutledge Werewolves 1: Scent of Passion

She wasn’t heavy, but while she napped he had been deep in thought and now some of his rapidly cooling muscles complained.He couldn’t deny the huge feeling of possession welling inside him. He felt ecstatic that she trusted him enough to fall asleep on him, and he knew he could build slowly and c...

Rutledge Werewolves 1: Scent of Passion by Elizabeth Lapthorne

EdgeofEcstasy (2014)

Daniel finished, and sat back in his seat. Melissa watched as he picked up the muffin he had ordered almost half an hour before and practically inhaled it. Ryder had arrived barely five minutes after she and Daniel had reached the bakery-café and they had ordered a plate full of the chocolate-haz...

EdgeofEcstasy (2014) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Passionate Investigations

A small pounding had started earlier in the top of her head. She’d gone through three mugs of hot chocolate and now two glasses of chilled water. If she had another drink she’d float away. It felt like forever but she’d finally managed to scan almost all of the reports, notations and flow charts ...

Passionate Investigations by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Guardian of My Soul (2014)

She breathed slowly, focusing on delving deeply into herself. The familiar scent of her personally made incense gently filled her senses, comforted her even after all this time of having not smelled it in reality at all. Never could she sense the mingled scent of Frankincense, Sandalwood and Myrr...

Guardian of My Soul (2014) by Elizabeth Lapthorne


Josh replied as they crawled into the city and kept their eyes peeled for a parking lot. “Aubury, I mean. I really like him.” “Almost everyone does,” Kate replied with a small laugh. “He can be a bit gruff and blunt at times, but he has a genuine heart of gold, that wizard. I can’t imagine anyone...

StrategicLust by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Passionate Vengeance (2013)

She scrawled down the number for the Highvale Nursing Home. It was just past dawn and despite the fact she’d had almost no sleep and by rights she should be exhausted, the thrill of success sent adrenaline through her body. “I’ve got it!” she cheered, feeling exultant and ...

Passionate Vengeance (2013) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

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