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Passionate Vengeance (2013)

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Passionate Vengeance (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

She scrawled down the number for the Highvale Nursing Home. It was just past dawn and despite the fact she’d had almost no sleep and by rights she should be exhausted, the thrill of success sent adrenaline through her body.
“I’ve got it!” she cheered, feeling exultant and beaming at Lucas, who said a hasty “Never mind” and hung up his phone. He whooped, raced towards her and gave her an enormous kiss. Throwing her arms around him, she eagerly returned the embrace, laughing.
“Did we miss the party?” Tristan interjected.
Abigail beamed, not upset in the least they’d chosen this moment to return. Kimber’s blonde curls sprung up all around her head, clearly mussed from the few hours’ sleep they’d managed to get. She looked tired but intrigued by the obvious excitement. It was a very different atmosphere to when they’d left earlier.
“Not yet, mate,” Lucas replied eagerly. “But if you’d slept much longer you might have.” “You got a break in the case and didn’t wake me?” Tristan said, clearly unhappy.

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