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Melissa  Brown
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Bouquet Toss (2000)

With the love of her life breaking her heart her senior year of college, Daphne wonders if she will ever find love again. After being the single girl at all her friends weddings and catching the dreaded bouquet at the end of every wedding she feels like she will be forever single. When her frie...

Bouquet Toss (2000) by Melissa  Brown

Champagne Toast (2000)

I just love second chance love stories :)So Evan and Kate met when he walked into the bar she worked at looking for a part time job. The attraction was instant and hey soon began dating each other.Three years into their relationship things get a bit rocky and insecurities from both of them begin...

Champagne Toast (2000) by Melissa  Brown

Picturing Perfect (2013)

meh..not my favorite. I think i was intrigued because of the single mom thing. but of course life is rosey and all is well in the book. and everything coincidential happens.. like a down syndrome scare..shes 25, no history of it in her family or baby daddies, but she tests positive? and coinc...

Picturing Perfect (2013) by Melissa  Brown

Unwanted Stars (2000)

This was a sweet and happy romance that gave me just what I wanted, simplicity and a dreamy man. He was dreamy even before I knew he was a doctor... it just got better. Auden's adventure reminded me of those young college age years when life is open and the world seems to be yours to dig into. It...

Unwanted Stars (2000) by Melissa  Brown

His Only Wife

I’m going to be a bride.     My parents delivered that news when I was eighteen years old and I felt sick, literally sick. My stomach churned for weeks on end as I counted down the days until I married the middle-aged Lehi Cluff. I had nightmares about the possible solitude an...

His Only Wife by Melissa  Brown

Becoming Death

An angry sign hung on the fence. It read: “Danger, keep out.” I had to have the address wrong. Why would they hold our classes here? I wandered along the exterior looking for any signs of life… or afterlife. I thought about phoning Clarissa, but she had already made it plain to me that the locati...

Becoming Death by Melissa  Brown

Mother Before Wife (The Compound #2)

—The Prophet, Clarence Black   Aspen I was elated, bursting at the seams with excitement. I couldn’t wait to share the news with my husband.     We were going to have a baby.     That morning, I’d checked the calendar and with a wide grin, I gathered the gi...

Mother Before Wife (The Compound #2) by Melissa  Brown

Just Keep Sweet (The Compound Series)

Clearly he intended to keep his promise to Isaac. Forty-eight hours. And less than twelve remained.Plans were already set in motion. I would drive Isaac, complete with suitcases in tow, to meet with the detective at the station. Everyone, including my dear wife Sarah, would believe Isaac was gone...

Just Keep Sweet (The Compound Series) by Melissa  Brown

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