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Champagne Toast (2000)

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Champagne Toast (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

I just love second chance love stories :)So Evan and Kate met when he walked into the bar she worked at looking for a part time job. The attraction was instant and hey soon began dating each other.Three years into their relationship things get a bit rocky and insecurities from both of them begin to infect their happiness. Then one night it is all over.Two years later they see each other again and the spark is still there. Can they finally be honest with each other and put their happiness first?I really enjoyed this sweet story :) loved this book even more than the first...if that is even possible. I like the angst that is involved in this story! Yeah, we know a little about Evan and Kate from the Bouquet Toss, but this takes us deeper into their story and what a story it is! Kate is flawed...yep totally flawed! Yet, that's what I love about her. She isn't perfect. She's REAL! We all go into relationships flawed with history. That history can be good or bad, but that makes us who we are. Ms. Brown did a great job laying that all on the line in this one! Then there is sweet, hot Evan! He gets that history, but can't get beyond it, even though he's truly in love. Does it say something about his history??? We don't know that part of the story, but when these two people combine there are definitely sparks. Realistic sparks that fly! Highly recommend this one!

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Angst angst angst, but love their relationship. Super easy read.

loved this book!

Good quick read.

a good read.

3.75 stars

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