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Just Keep Sweet (The Compound Series)

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Just Keep Sweet (The Compound Series) - Plot & Excerpts

Clearly he intended to keep his promise to Isaac. Forty-eight hours. And less than twelve remained.Plans were already set in motion. I would drive Isaac, complete with suitcases in tow, to meet with the detective at the station. Everyone, including my dear wife Sarah, would believe Isaac was gone, that he was no longer a part of our family or community. When the house was peaceful and dark, Aspen would guard my study to make sure no one would see us as we re-entered the home. She’d prepare a makeshift bed for him in the walk-in closet, and he’d stay there for as long as necessary.First I had to deal with Clarence.I had to sit across from him and watch him spew hateful lies about my child. I had to push down the rage that was already building in my gut as I approached his home. I’d have to keep myself from killing him with my bare hands.Just keep sweet, Paul. Just keep sweet.It’s a lot harder than it sounds when your brother is evil incarnate and rules over everyone you love.“Thanks for coming,”

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