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Unwanted Stars (2000)

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Unwanted Stars (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

This was a sweet and happy romance that gave me just what I wanted, simplicity and a dreamy man. He was dreamy even before I knew he was a doctor... it just got better. Auden's adventure reminded me of those young college age years when life is open and the world seems to be yours to dig into. It was great to relive that with her. As for the twist and the plot, it worked and made me want to learn more about this family. The only reason it fell short for me to get a five star rating was the over-reaction Auden had when she found out the big secret and her immaturity towards the situation. There were a couple of elements that had me a little upset when it came to her best friend and Auden's lack of understanding in her own situation. I'm trying not to spoil it so that's all I'll say. I also thought there could have been more moments on the tour when Campbell was "falling" for Auden. Since she was keeping her distance to not sleep with him and lose her job I wanted little moments that they shared to explain why he was so smitten with her. He seemed way into her when she was still uncertain and I wanted to see what he saw... those little moments that make you fall with them. Overall, LOVED this book and recommend it highly! There is so much to say about this book. First off: I loved it. Melissa Brown sure knows how to write a page turner. Auden is a girl who have never fell in love and kept people at a distance. Campbell is a guy is a nerd but one heck of a get the picture. I loved Campbell from the start but Auden I had to grow to love her. I wanted to scream at her to realize how good she had it. This guys loves you let him into your life. Of course she does and oh man. Romance, family drama, oh so much twist in turns in Unwanted Stars. Melissa Brown? You rock!

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This story is just so fascinating, their love, their family, their amazing stories.... ^^

Well that was way too freaking cute. I'm teary eyed. I want a Campbell!

this is the best book. really. ♥

4.5 Stars. Review to come.

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