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Paul Dowswell
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The Ausländer (2011)

My true rating for this is 3.5 stars: The evocation of how the propaganda permeated Nazi Germany was fascinating--talk about the banality of evil!--and the story moved at a good pace. I know some readers complained that it moved too slowly, but I thought the slow dawning on the protagonist of jus...

The Ausländer (2011) by Paul Dowswell

Ausländer (2009)

My teacher recommended I read this book for a teenage reviewing challenge, and I'm really glad she did because I really ended up enjoying this book.This book is incredibly underrated, and I feel this book is a lot better than some other books I've read that have been set in Nazi Germany. This was...

Ausländer (2009) by Paul Dowswell

Powder Monkey (2006)

The book I read is called Powder Monkey by Paul Dowswell. It was published by Bloomsbury publishing in 2005. This is a story about a boy that goes out to sea aboard a navy ship back in the 1800,s. He has to stay strong as he fights in battles against enemy ships just to stay alive.This book is ab...

Powder Monkey (2006) by Paul Dowswell

Prison Ship (2007)

Prison Ship is a YA adventure story that predates mine (Tasman). They share similar adventures on their ships but their lives take different turns once they reach their destinations.Dowswell's story is situated in 1800 in New South Wales (Sydney) and shares the village beginnings of what now is a...

Prison Ship (2007) by Paul Dowswell

True Escape Stories (Usborne Paperbacks) (2002)

In the book True Escape Stories the author, Paul Dowswell, goes into many details about prison life, and how many of the famous prison escapes have happened. It gives you an inside perspective on the escape, something that you don’t normally get. This detail helps you feel what the prisoners are ...

True Escape Stories (Usborne Paperbacks) (2002) by Paul Dowswell

Battle Fleet (2007)

They knew something bad was coming our way. The animals in our manger sensed it. The sheep and goats lay down in the straw, tense and wary. The hens on deck stopped clucking. Even Sydney stopped chattering. He kept flapping his wings trying to get away. I took him and his perch down below to my c...

Battle Fleet (2007) by Paul Dowswell


The main character in this story is fictitious, but all the events and circumstances described here are based directly on conditions in the prison camps and on actual reported incidents.     OK, so I’m a villain. I’ve done a lot of breaking and entering in my time. We did a vi...

Escape by Paul Dowswell

The Cabinet of Curiosities

Chapter Thirty-Two It was a slow evening at the Three Violins. Karel had gone home and Oldrich was getting bored with his own company. His bald crown had gone a painful-looking pink in the sunshine, and he was so drunk he could barely stand.     Etienne arrived with Radek and ...

The Cabinet of Curiosities by Paul Dowswell

The Auslander (2009)

CHAPTER 16 April 1942 . Anna and Peter saw more of each other after that. They were both frequent visitors to the library, and Peter often stayed there to study. He could get a lot of work done in one of the quiet corners. Professor Kaltenbach approved. He was not totally sympathetic to the Nazi ...

The Auslander (2009) by Paul Dowswell

Bomber (2015)

Stearley punched the German soldier so hard he collapsed on the ground, out cold. Worse was to come. The lieutenant turned on his heels and ran back towards the two of them. Natalie told Harry to walk away as fast as he could without being conspicuous. Stearley caught up soon enough. They walked ...

Bomber (2015) by Paul Dowswell

Sektion 20 (2011)

In its own strange way, he imagined it would be like the last day before your execution. Almost everything he knew would be gone for ever. The only thing the Ostermanns would be keeping from their previous life was their grandma. Alex didn’t know what she would think about them escaping. Perhaps ...

Sektion 20 (2011) by Paul Dowswell

Red Shadow (2014)

This apartment which had promised so much had become his tomb. He had spent his entire Rest Day alone and now it was late in the evening. The solitude was killing him. Here, Anna used to walk through the door loaded with provisions, or greet him with a kiss when he returned after a long day worki...

Red Shadow (2014) by Paul Dowswell

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