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The Cabinet of Curiosities

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The Cabinet Of Curiosities - Plot & Excerpts

Chapter Thirty-Two It was a slow evening at the Three Violins. Karel had gone home and Oldrich was getting bored with his own company. His bald crown had gone a painful-looking pink in the sunshine, and he was so drunk he could barely stand.
    Etienne arrived with Radek and Dusan. ‘Seen Strom?’ they asked Oldrich. He shook his head. ‘Has Lukas been in?’ said Etienne. Oldrich babbled a story about Lukas going to Jenka’s. They pushed him off his chair. ‘Go home, you drunken fool,’ said Radek.
    Etienne was uneasy. He was supposed to have met Strom at midday in the Unicorn tavern, to pick up some goods to sell on the market. When he had not turned up Etienne had gone to the Blue Star and the Spider but there was no sign of him there either. He even went to his home. The woman he lived with complained that he had been out all night and subjected Etienne to a ten-minute tirade about how she wasn’t going to put up with him any longer.

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