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Read True Escape Stories (Usborne Paperbacks) (2002)

True Escape Stories (Usborne Paperbacks) (2002)

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True Escape Stories (Usborne Paperbacks) (2002) - Plot & Excerpts

In the book True Escape Stories the author, Paul Dowswell, goes into many details about prison life, and how many of the famous prison escapes have happened. It gives you an inside perspective on the escape, something that you don’t normally get. This detail helps you feel what the prisoners are going though.tThis book takes you into many different first person experiences of prison escapes. These are all narrated by the author, but it includes dialogue between the prisoners during their escape. It also includes diagrams and maps to help you visualize what is going on. One chapter that was very good was the first chapter. This was about an escape from the virtually escape proof Alcatraz. This chapter takes place in the 1960's, and talks about the escape of bank robber, Frank Morris. It starts out with Morris arriving at Alcatraz, after escaping from his other prisons. Morris is a very sharp intelligent person and by the first day he is already planning his escape. Shortly after his arrival he meets fellow prison mates, Allen West, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin. A year later Morris learned very important information. The fan in the ventilation shaft above his cell had been remove. Right then Morris got to work planning the escape. Morris and his crew get to work for days in and out. When Morris finally decides to check out this ventilation shaft he learns the unfaithful news that the shaft was bolted shut. Will Morris and his crew find another way out of the "Rock" or will they spend many more years in this gruesome prison.tThis book was not only a great book but in a way it also wants to make you stay out of trouble or you could end up like these people in the terrible prisons. It gives you information that you probably would have never gotten without actually going to jail. The book shows the effort that these prisoners have to put in, to escape from these prison. It makes you feel safer about the people that we are locking up, because very few people people in history have actually gotten out. This makes me want to stay out of trouble because I don't want to through away ten years of my life. It shows you what happens after these prisoners are out of prison. You learn that even once you have escaped from prison you still have lost parts of your life. I enjoyed this book a lot. I am not a non-fiction reader, but I still enjoyed this book. I would rate this book 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys getting into a book for a week or two.

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