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Prison Ship (2007)

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Prison Ship (2007) - Plot & Excerpts

Prison Ship is a YA adventure story that predates mine (Tasman). They share similar adventures on their ships but their lives take different turns once they reach their destinations.Dowswell's story is situated in 1800 in New South Wales (Sydney) and shares the village beginnings of what now is a wonderful city. He paints a vivid picture of The Rocks area and then takes Sam and his friend, both young sailors out of their temporary home and into the bush for harrowing, sometimes grisly adventures. As a writer who is dealing with similar issues, fifty years after Doswell's story frame, I found his facts and details interesting; he's unwittingly sent me back to do further research!This book will appeal to young men seeking adventure stories from around 1800 and the surrounding years, an adventure on the high seas and in the Australian bush. It will also appeal to adult interested in that same historical period.

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