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Always a Cowboy (2016)

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Always A Cowboy (2016) - Plot & Excerpts

The evening ahead was no big deal, just dinner at the resort his sister-in-law managed.
    Calmly, Drake changed into a white button-down shirt and tan slacks, thought about wearing a tie, but he’d have to borrow it from Slater, since he didn’t own one. Hated the things actually.
    Finally, when he figured he was as presentable as he was going to get, he texted Luce.
    Meet me downstairs in five minutes?
    Hey, Cowboy, she texted back. I’m already down here, ready and waiting. If you’re primping, stop it. I’ve seen you covered in dirt and you’ve seen me sopping wet.
    He couldn’t stop himself. Not to mention, naked. That was the best part. Be right there.
    Taking Luce—or anybody else—out for a formal dinner was a little out of character for Drake, but he wanted more one-on-one time with her.
    When he got downstairs and saw Luce, he had to catch his breath.

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