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An Autobiography of Jack London

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An Autobiography Of Jack London - Plot & Excerpts

The tramp enables thousands of men to earn honest livings, educate their children, and bring them up God-fearing and industrious. I know. At one time my father was a constable and hunted tramps for a living. The community paid him so much per head for all the tramps he could catch, and also, I believe, he got mileage fees. Ways and means was always a pressing problem in our household, and the amount of meat on the table, the new pair of shoes, the day’s outing, or the textbook for school, were dependent upon my father’s luck in the chase. Well I remember the suppressed eagerness and the suspense with which I waited to learn each morning what the results of his past night’s toil had been—how many tramps he had gathered in and what the chances were for convicting them. And so it was, when later, as a tramp, I succeeded in eluding some predatory constable, I could not but feel sorry for the little boys and girls at home in that constable’s house; it seemed to me in a way that I was defrauding those little boys and girls of some of the good things of life.

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