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Angel Among Us (2012)

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Angel Among Us (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

He had lingered to talk theology with Father Sojak. I was glad Calvano was not there to witness what I saw before he arrived: Maggie screaming into her cellphone, as angry as I had ever seen her.
‘How did you get this number?’ She sounded furious. ‘Don’t ever call me again. You are not going to get anything from me and you should have known better than to try.’ Calvano reached the car and she hurriedly disconnected, setting her phone to silent and storing it away. By the time he slid into the front seat next to her, her anger was under control. ‘Find out anything useful?’ she asked him.
Calvano nodded. ‘Apparently, Arcelia Gallagher is a major stop on the Mexican Underground Railroad.’ Maggie looked confused.
‘Seriously? You don’t know what the Underground Railroad is? The network of hiding spaces people used to hide slaves in who were leaving the South and fleeing to freedom in the North during the Civil War?’ Calvano looked at her impatiently. ‘Our town used to be a stop on it.

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