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Read Barbara Graham - Quilted 03 - Murder By Music

Barbara Graham - Quilted 03 - Murder by Music

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Barbara Graham - Quilted 03 - Murder By Music - Plot & Excerpts

Susan tucked her feet up under her while she studied the instructions.
“Me too.” Jane dug through the large green plastic box at her feet until she found her stack of precut fabrics. “Even if I guess right away what it is going to look like. I find it very freeing to work on something without having a preconceived notion about what it should look like when it is finished.”
“Well, I think it is silly.” Eleanor snapped. The expressions on the others' faces encouraged her to soften her words. “I just mean I already have more than enough to do.”
Realizing those words for Eleanor were a true apology, everyone nodded and went back to work.
“How are things at the museum?” Susan shifted the conversation back to Martha and Jane. “I heard the grand opening is next Friday at Celeste and Patrick's wedding reception.”
“That's the unofficial opening. Everyone in the county, plus the out of town guests will be free to explore the museum, but we won't actually open to the public then.”

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