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Beautiful Boy - Plot & Excerpts

Biding my time, I continue my research into meth, this time canvassing the nation's preeminent researchers and asking them what is to me the bottom-line question. What would you do if a family member were addicted to this drug?
They agree that the first step should be assessment. If an addict is in methamphetamine psychosis, sedatives and other medication should be administered. ("They sometimes are as crazy as a loon, and that needs to be dealt with," said UCLA's Dr. Ling.) Though meth addicts are three to four times more likely than others to have attendant psychiatric conditions in addition to addiction, the symptoms are difficult to distinguish from meth withdrawal. Some doctors would routinely treat addicts for depression. That is an expensive proposition, and some researchers suggest that patients should be off meth for at least a month before they are diagnosed and treated for secondary illnesses.
The experts are divided about whether inpatient or outpatient programs are more likely to work.

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