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Blue Noon (2007)

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Blue Noon (2007) - Plot & Excerpts

I love this series, love the characters, but I have to say the ending totally sucks! Mr. Westerfeld blew it. It sounds like he got to a point where he was just sick of writing, sick of the story and wanted to move on to other things so he went to someone who had never read the stories, gave that person a quick recap and then asked how it should end and he said 'Ok, that'll do' and just walked away from it. The ending doesn't make any sense! It's like he never even met any of the characters before! Jonathan & Rex & Melissa would never make the decisions he has them making at the end. It would never happen because it wouldn't put them any closer to getting what they want. Which is disappointing because right up until the very last chapter this book was excellent! Perfect.I read on Westerfeld's website that Dess was his favorite character and it kinda seems like he just blew her off for most of this book (she didn't even get to do much of anything at all in the final showdown)and then he felt bad about it so he threw the rest of the characters to the wolves and let Dess give herself a smug pat on the back. Which is completely useless.SO, here's what you should do. Read the series, because they really are great, and then when you get to the last chapter of Blue Noon, either write your own ending (because it HAS to be better than Westerfeld's) OR assume that the very next morning Rex wakes up and says'Ok, guys, change of plans. What we were going to do yesterday would only be frustrating and fruitless and it was a stupid idea anyway. I'm the leader of this group and we still have 2 more years of High School so here's what we'll do: Jonathan, you work on solving Jessica's problem or, if you get the chance, just become like her. Melissa, you help me w/ my halfling problem while using the contortion to mindcast for other new midnighters. We'll contact them, spill the beans, give tips. We'll have a chat w/ Jessica's family...'. When Maddy says 'The Bixby of my day was blah, blah, blah' He'd say 'Well, it's not your day anymore. It's ours and Bixby is now an oasis for midnighters everywhere'. Dess would bide her time becoming famous as the best anti-darkling defense weapons developer in the world until she got out of High School and then she'd go show off her big brain in college and the story could still end on her smug one-liner. Bada-bing bada-boom! Much better than the real ending.

Wow, Midnighters ended with a bang; quite an apocolyptic wrap-up for the series. Perhaps I should have expected this, having read the Uglies series, but I guess it just seemed like such a contained story in the first book that it caught me by surprise to see things get so... big in this one.Well, it was definitely action-packed and suspenseful. My favorite part of the book was watching Rex develop--he became by far the most interesting character in the whole story as he dealt with both his internal changes and grappled with history. Here Westerfeld was at his best: he had his characters learn how to question what they'd read and been taught, but he never became particularly preachy to his reader about that lesson. It wasn't a perfect experience for me. He still overused certain phrases and didn't seem to always think through all the details and characterizations. A couple times I found myself confused over why a character would say one thing in one chapter when the chapter before they'd expressed the opposite view. I still don't feel like he had a good grasp of the locale.On the other hand, Westerfeld certainly has a knack for telling a compelling and creative story. I found Midnighters to be superior to Uglies in those respects: while the premise of Uglies was original, his actual plotlines became very repetitive and his characters were much flatter. I had to grow to like the midnighters, but eventually I did (well, except Jonathan...) and I always felt like the story was going somehere new and unexpected. I have to hand it to Westerfeld: he doesn't back away from a bittersweet ending, but I think it was a strong ending, just open-ended enough.

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La morte della luce, quando il calore si trasforma in gelo.Diciamo tra le tre e le quattro stelline, come conclusione della saga non è stata male. Qualche problema c'è in questo libro, è innegabile che le idee erano ormai belle che finite e il povero Westerfeld sembrava avere una gran fretta di terminare e quasi sembra ci sia un taglio nel finale (la scusa del fulmine ad esempio).Il finale non è male però, originale l'idea di intrappolare Jessica nell'ora blu anche se così direi che va a farsi benedire la sua storia con Jonathan (visto che lei vive 1 ora ogni 24 mentre Jonathan se le vive tutte e quindi invecchierà molto più velocemente di lei). A dirla tutta dopo aver letto il finale mi è quasi dispiaciuto che non fossero rimasti tutti e cinque intrappolati nell'ora blu, anche se a Dess non sarebbe piaciuto troppo rimanere intrappolata tra due coppie me così avrebbero veramente avuto l'ora blu sempre e solo per loro. Comunque bel finale, a sorpresa decisamente (era impossibile aspettarselo) e degna chiusura di una serie non male.

Finised the series. I skipped read the last book just so I could see how the series would end and if the third book would redeem the first two. It didn't. In fact the book ended up worse than I thought it would. One misgiving about this book is not the book's fault but, it is on the Middle School list which I find totally wrong. The biggest problem though I do have with the book is that there is not one decent adult or adult like character in any of the three books. Even The Outsiders by SE Hinton managed to get one decent adult in the form of the oldest brother Darryl. For me this is the biggest problem of the book. I find it distrubing in an age when too many teens are into being in their own secretive world to have a book support that idea.Though teens would like the charcters of the midnighters I found mosst of them to be flat. John and Jessica came off as Barbie and Ken dolls. Melissa is too mean. Dess' math bores me. Rex was intresting but, that was not enough. Half the time I would even forget that John was Spanish and Dess was an Indian.I also found the book to be a drag becuase nothing could be done simply. Every plan had to have a series of mishaps, that would cause delays to get to the next plot point. Though the fight scenes could be exicting I got tired of them always coming just when a important plot point was suppose to happen. So it was fight off the monsters now the new plot point.

In the final book of the Midnighter's trilogy, the blue time is beginning to fracture and fall apart. The five Midnighters, Dess, Jonathan, Jessica, Melissa and Rex are left scrambling, trying to find out why and prevent the entire world from becoming one big darkling buffet. Like the other books this one is action-packed and rapid-paced from the first word to the last. We discover more about the lore and about the old Midnighter culture in Bixby. I loved the character development that has happened throughout the series and especially in this last book. While the series began with Jessica, the subsequent books made the other characters just as central to the story. It was an engaging read and one I'm sorry is over. It was so hard to put this book down and pace myself as I read! SPOILER WARNING - DON'T READ BELOW IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKDespite how much I liked the book, however. I'm a little disatisfied with the ending. That's why you only see four stars on this review. Jessica stuck in the blue time just doesn't feel right. The book even points out how quickly Jonathan and Jessica's relationship will get squicky and you're just left feeling bad for Jonathan and also for Jessica's family. I don't expect all my books to end with a perfect happy ending but this one just felt wrong - I didn't see the inevitability of it. There are so many other ways it could have gone. Also, the last line, while amusing, didn't fit the series either. We end with Dess when we began with Jessica. I think the series should have ended with a sentence about Jessica as well. Saying it's cool to be the one who does the math just feels flip when the book could have ended on better line. Westerfeld nailed the endings in all four of his Uglies series books so that's why I'm critical of this one. Other than that quibbling though I adored this book and the others. They were fun reads - nothing that was earth shattering but fun and fast.

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