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Bound By Blood

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Bound By Blood - Plot & Excerpts

Had she slept beside him all day? He found the thought endearing.
He had made love to women in the past—many women—but he had never invited any of them to stay the night, nor had he ever spent the night in their beds. Caution was second nature to his kind, and only a vampire with a death wish let a mortal share his lair, or know its location. There had been times, when, for one reason or another, he had been unable to reach his lair. At such times, night had been his pillow and darkness his blanket.
Turning onto his side, he studied Kaitlyn’s face. Her brows were black and slightly arched, her nose small and finely sculpted, her cheeks smooth and unblemished. Her mouth—ever so lightly, he traced the outline of her lips. They were pink and warm, as soft as velvet, and endlessly tempting.
When he drew his hand away, she murmured, “Don’t stop.”
“I thought you were asleep.”
“No, I’ve been awake for hours.”
“Why didn’t you get up?”
“I did. I had lunch with my mom and then, when no one was looking, I came back here.”

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