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Read Call The Devil By His Oldest Name (2004)

Call the Devil by His Oldest Name (2004)

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Call The Devil By His Oldest Name (2004) - Plot & Excerpts

This is the third book in Sallie Bissell's Mary Crow series. I read the last book first, not realizing it was a series until it was too late, so I'm starting it with the knowledge of where the characters are now. I am now working my way through the series in order.In this book, Mary Crow is still an ADA with Deckard County, GA. She is in the middle of a trial, putting away a child pornographer. She has been in therapy (finally!) for all of the events over the last two books, especially as she keeps seeing Stump Logan all around Atlanta, when he's supposed to be dead.Former flame Jonathan Walkingstick is married to Ruth Moon, who gave birth to their daughter, Lily. Mary is Lily's godmother. Ruth continues her involvement in Native American causes, in which Jonathan is not interested. When Ruth takes their daughter to a rally in Tennessee, the child is kidnapped and Ruth calls Mary when she can't reach Jonathan. Thus, Mary is pulled into the search for her goddaughter. Point of interest to me: My mother's maternal grandmother was a Benge (which is the last name of do-gooder Gabriel) and there are rumors that we're related to Bob Benge. I have not had a chance to trace it yet, but it would be interesting!So you know, I have to talk about some things that involve the plot, so...SPOILER ALERT!Overall, my biggest complaint is that it took Mary until the end of the book to figure out that the reason Stump Logan hated her and her father so much was that he was in love with her mother. Duuuuhhhhhhhh. I figured that out in the first book! Mary, you're a hotshot ADA and you couldn't get that until he TOLD you??????? Implausible. I think that the book dragged on a bit too long and Jonathan's time in the forest, hiking 15 miles to get a clutch, definitely could have been cut. That being said, Bissell's writing is still very good and I enjoyed this entry. Of course, having Mary kill Stump Logan was necessary, but I wish he would have been put on trial first. Then at least everyone would have heard his crimes in court.Recommend.

This is the 3rd book in the series of Mary Crow. Quite different than the first two, the Author definitely took this story and stretched it a bit outside the box. There are times where I wanted to set it down for awhile because I wasn't sure where it was going, but by the 11th chapter it was evident as to where it was heading. But after the initial "I knew it" shock, the story dragged and I had a feeling of "I just want this situation to end". Unfortunately Sallie kept the situation going to the bitter end.

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crazy former sheriff who killed Mary's dad in Vietnam and Mary's mom when she did not share his feelings is after Mary and revenge. He kidnaps Mary's ex boyfriend's baby and Mary leaves a case at pivotal moment to chase after kidnapper. Mary loses job, but kills sheriff and reunites baby with dad.

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